Welcome to Aliemals, a NFT brand for collectors.

Teaser Preview

Some will go to the ends of the Earth for collectibles. Others will go much further.

Intrepid explorers of the 3rd kind originate from a supremely intelligent race and they exist to record rare alien species from the various galaxies. They use AI probes that gather a visual database of any unknown and unfound creatures they discover on their journey. These creatures have been named Aliemals.

In the event of a probe discovering one of these rare species, it records this first-of-a kind interaction with a 360 hologram camera, no creature is harmed in the recording.

Along with the 360 degree looped footage of the Aliemal, the probe will make brief observations of its characteristics, behavior, entertaining traits and provide vital information connected with the journey to its planetary home.

Data is compiled in a language accessible to the average intellect of our planet and doesn't go beyond the boundaries of our current technologies.

During man's ambitions to explore its nearest reaches of outer space, along with a handful of billionaires taking costly joyrides a tad above earth, the AI probes continue to meet the need for mind-expanding intergalactic knowledge.

Where to buy Aliemals

Aliemals now gasless on OpenSea Polygon

Aliemals cares for our community by listing our NFTs on OpenSea Polygon, which means no gas fees. Enjoy our collectibles without the extra expense.

What is Aliemals?

Aliemals is a 3-tier card collectible series. It comprises the Probes that search for the Aliemals, the Planets that the Aliemals inhabit and the Aliemals themselves.
For Season 1 there is 20 sets of each. Each set consists of 1 Probe, 1 Planet and 1 Aliemal.

There will be a limited edition run of 420 sets of each. It is up to the Collector to collect the individual pieces of each set, and hunt for the 60 Season 1 variations.

Each card will sell for 0.015 Ethereum with a 5% royalty fee on resale.

We can't wait to get these sets into the hands of the community.

The Probes

The probes are a true representation of the planet they hail from. They are the flagship of an infinite intelligence and light years ahead of the technological capability of our own planet. The purpose of the probes is to explore and discover what exists in the universe with a mission to uncover evidence of Aliemal life and record their existence.

Obviously without superior technology, such creatures would be virtually impossible to locate. They have gone through rigorous AI and psychological training to not harm any Aliemals they find. They also possess unique personalities and differing profiles. After years of exploration and against all odds, the mission has proved to be a success. Recent reports from the probe database nerve center confirmed proof of alien activity which has been officially de-classified and documented as 'Aliemals'.

The Planets

Aliemals inhabit planets that are often as different and unique as the creatures themselves. As many of the planets have been a recent discovery they have been given temporary but memorable names.

These Planets have varying atmospheres which have evolved the Aliemals over time to adapt to their different surroundings, some are more hostile than others and make the Probes' adventures in navigating them even more challenging.

The visual aspect to these marvellous Galactic finds come in a spectrum of fantastical colors to bland gaseous exteriors.

The Aliemals

Aliemals have distinctive unique physical and emotional characteristics and are scattered throughout the universe. Their varied physical appearances are as diverse as their behaviors and actions.

They have never encountered any life-form or probe-form in their private space before this mission.

Although the Aliemals are oblivious to foreign interference they would instinctively be curious about other-worldly visitors.

The knowledge collected so far from the Probes of the Aliemals reveals encouraging signs that they exist to make the Universe a better place.

NFT card specifications

Each Aliemal NFT collectable card is made with many hours of love and
creative devotion, each having a unique story.

The Probe cards will be static Jpgs at 1080x1920 pixels.

The Planet cards will be static Jpgs at 1080x1920 pixels.

The Aliemal cards will be a mp4 movie with 1080x1920 pixels.
The movie will be looped and show the Aliemal rotating in 360 degrees.
Example gif to show rotation only and is not the final quality of the mp4 NFT.

Aliemals caring for endangered wildlife on Earth.

Even Aliemals recognise the plight of our precious wildlife. In connection with Aliemals collectibles we will be auctioning these 3 magnificent pieces of digital artworks created by the founder of Aliemals. Each piece will have an additional 8k file connected to the NFT. Auction dates will be shared on our social media platforms. 

The highest bidder wins. Each piece will be auctioned separately. 
80% of proceeds from the 3 items will be going to :
Rhino - https://rhinos.org/
Polar Bear - https://polarbearsinternational.org/
Mountain Gorilla - https://gorillafund.org/

5% of overall Aliemal NFT sales will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

Poachers are a threat to the rarest creatures on Earth.
Don't let them do the same in cyberspace.

It's a sad fact that criminals continue to profit from our precious wildlife. Another kind of poacher is making a killing in the cyber world.
Many entrepreneurs behind NFT collectibles have fallen prey to ruthless hackers masquerading as the art originators and operating scams to steal their work.

Make sure you only purchase from our OpenSea account.
Our official Twitter address is @AliemalsNFT
Our only website is Aliemals.com. Links to Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn.
Any messages and marketing material that does not originate from the links above should be seen as fraudulent.

Realizing a Vision

Aliemals was created to represent a unique expression of creativity that abides by the values that NFT collectibles were originally intended to be.

Individual works of digital art that would in limited edition be of artistic and financial worth.

"My intention was to create an alternative to the NFT norm, an alternative that sought to expose an irrational existence of life that exists as a curiosity in all our minds." Werner Botha creator of Aliemals

A story in progress

While the probes are out exploring the various Galaxies, they each have weird and wonderful stories to tell. Having AI the probes have their own unique personalities and they share their experiences with you the community. There will be a short timestamp story/event of random probes written on a regular basis, some will have a multiple choice vote on twitter to how each story plays out. 
The most votes then get to choose which way that specific story goes,

this will influence the following part of the story. There will be new stories over time as we follow new Probes. Each section will be added to this website.

We will incorporate the probes journeys through space and planets and interactions with Aliemals and any other elements these wondrous intelligent AI beings meet along the way.
Link to the story so far...


Outline of the current Season and development for future Seasons.

Season 1

Presenting Aliemals to the World. There will be a total mint number of 420 of each card.
To own a complete Season 1 set of 60 cards, you would need to collect 20 Probes, 20 Planets and 20 Aliemals.

Season 2

Collaborating with NFT artists in the industry we will create the next Edition of Probes, Planets and Aliemals ready for the collectors. 

Progression on the stories that make up the interactive Novel.

Season 3

Continuing with the amazing Aliemals formula, we aim to also enter the interactive NFT gaming market and NFT linked merchandising.

The Team

Werner Botha

Mission Control Chief & Head Fantasist - Aliemals --Founder & 3D Animator.

Steve Limbrick

Imagination Decoder & Copy Construction Engineer
-Concept Strategist & Copywriter

Christiaan Herbst

Payload Engineer & Heat-seeking Messaging Delivery Master
-Marketing & Social Media Specialist